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The Comedy Knights tackle social distancing in a brand new show. As the world grapples with a new reality, the Comedy Knights employ their usual sense of humour and wit to imagine how a socially distanced society could work. Sketches, songs and special guests take to the stage in a live Comedy Knights performance with a difference. New characters, new cast, new show. The Comedy Knights’ Socially Distanced Comedy Show.

The New Normal premiered at the APS Summer Festival, a socially-distanced outdoor festival, in July 2020.

Main cast: Pia Zammit, Colin Fitz, Chris Dingli, Malcolm Galea, Chantelle Micallef Grimaud.


Writers: Chris Dingli, Malcolm Galea.


Directed by Chris Dingli.


Produced by Chris Dingli, Wesley Ellul and Marc Cabourdin.

The New Normal is available for corporate and private events, as well as festivals. It has been designed to accommodate social-distancing guidelines. It can also be adapted to suit most venues.

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