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GoT in 60mins: The Unauthorised Parody

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Info Sheet

GoT in 60mins: The Unauthorised Parody is a Comedy Knights Production.

All 8 Seasons of GoT in just 60 Mins!


GOT in 60 mins is a raucous, fast-paced comedy that takes the audience on a hysterical journey through the Seven Kingdoms, from Winterfell to the Westerlands and everywhere in between.

Whether you are a GoT mega fan or a complete newbie wondering what all the fuss is about, this show's promise is that it will definitely be more fun than a wedding at Walder Frey’s house.

Comedy writer Chris Dingli has somehow managed to cram over 4,000 minutes of prime-time TV drama into a ridiculously funny 60 minutes – all eight seasons, including the ending one always wished for.

Written by Chris Dingli and directed By Wesley Ellul, this show exposes the good, the bad and the random that went down in Westeros, while re-enacting some of the series’ most iconic scenes.

This show will leave you in stitches (and possibly missing an appendage or two). Dragons, Death and Nudity are assured! 

"a rollicking 60ish minutes of rather naughty fun"
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