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Battleship premiered at the Malta International Theatre Festival 2017, where it placed first runner-up in the Best Production category and first runner-up in the Audience Choice Award.

Battleship is a dramatic one-man show written by Chris Dingli.


In the year 1565, the Ottoman Empire sent a fleet of over 200 ships to invade Malta and take the island from the Order of the Knights of St John. The man tasked with the job of defending the island was the Grand Master, Jean Parisot de la Valette.


Set within the Grand Master's war room, this monologue explores the pressures of leading an army that is outnumbered, underfunded and demoralised. It looks at the solitude of leadership and explores the person who was to become a legend in the history of Malta and the Order of the Knights of St John.

Photo credit: Mario Casha Photography.

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