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Bach to School: Crazy Composers and their Mind-Blowing Music


Info Sheet

Written by:

Chris Dingli

J.S. Bach

J.C. Bach

C.P.E. Bach

I'll.B. Bach

All the other Bachs

We tend to view famous composers as stuffy old geriatrics in wigs, but many were the rockstars of their day. Geniuses who created music that told stories and expressed emotion that still lives with us today.


Through this production, young adult audiences will get to explore different pieces of orchestral music and the stories told through them, whilst also getting to know the composers on a personal level. They will be exposed to the sight of some of the music being played live by a musician who will also experiment with different pieces of music, incorporating suggestions from the students. 


We will also discover the different sections of an orchestra, the difference between pieces of music (eg: sonata vs symphony) and the biggest mystery of all: what does a conductor actually do?


It’s humorous, entertaining and musical!

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